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Information regarding Spectre and Meltdown

You’re protected and no action is needed from your side. AWS have applied patches to protect VM-to-VM attacks.

Manage instance access with Access Control List (ACL)

To further manage and secure your instances, we’ve added the ability for you to set team members permissions with ACL.

Meet the team behind CloudMQTT

As the year winds down, the team behind CloudMQTT want to take the opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year!

Pattern based ACL

You now have the option to create topic and pattern based ACL rules from the control panel.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is now available on CloudMQTT! Two-factor authentication aim to help users secure their account.

Check out our new look!

We are very proud to present our brand new control panel design and web page! As we have grown and evolved in the past, so have our product. Hope you like it!

Support for teams

We're happy to announce that we now support teams. You can invite co-workers, and manage the same set of instances, but with your own username/password.