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CloudMQTT invites 2019

Thanks for a great year! Here is what's next for 2019!

Control a SmartCar connected to the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things opens new ways of controlling toys of the future. Dr. Anwar Bashir, teacher in computing at Middlesbrough College, has developed a SmartCar kit – a toy car that can be controlled by a smartphone via WiFi. It is the perfect way to play, learn and develop understanding about the way the internet is transforming our lives right now.

What is the client id and where do I find it?

We get a lot of questions about what the client id is and where it can be found. This short article will hopefully help you during your MQTT journey.

Migrate to a dedicated instance

Ready to move out from your shared server to a dedicated one?

Enable CPU, Memory usage and Disk Space alarms

Tadaa! We thought you might like the possibility to set alarms based on CPU, Memory usage, and disk space for CloudMQTT. And why wouldn't you? It's great!

Contribute with your CloudMQTT Userstory!

We know that the skills are everywhere! Share your experiences of CloudMQTT through a user story.

Dedicated plans now available in CloudMQTT

We are happy to announce that we now support dedicated plans!

New 5 dollar plan at CloudMQTT

By popular demand, CloudMQTT are happy to announce a new cute plan for the public, Humble Hedgehog!

New limits for our Cute Cat (FREE) plan

CloudMQTT has decided to add limitations to our free plan, Cute Cat. This action means that some of Cute Cat's features are no longer unlimited.

Preparing for the GDPR

CloudMQTT is currently working with preparing our business for compliance. This post is intended to give our customers an update on our current status in regards to GDPR.