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CloudMQTT are managed Mosquitto servers in the cloud. Mosquitto implements the MQ Telemetry Transport protocol, MQTT, which provides lightweight methods of carrying out messaging using a publish/subscribe message queueing model.

publish subscribe example

MQTT is the machine-to-machine protocol of the future. It is ideal for the “Internet of Things” world of connected devices. Its minimal design makes it perfect for built-in systems, mobile phones and other memory and bandwidth sensitive applications.

Message queues provide an asynchronous communications protocol, the sender and receiver of the message do not need to interact with the message queue at the same time. Messages placed onto the queue are stored until the recipient retrieves them or until the messages times out. MQTT and Mosquitto are for good use by bandwidth sensitive applications.

CloudMQTT let you focus on the application instead of spending time on scaling the broker or patching the platform.

cloudmqtt example overview

Create a CloudMQTT instance

Create an account and login to the control panel and press + Create New Instance to create a new instance.

CloudMQTT control panel

Choose a name for the instance and the datacenter to host the instance. To get started you need to sign up for a customer plan. What plan you want to use is depending of your needs. We offer four different plans for different needs (bandwidth and limitations on connections).

You can try CloudMQTT for free with the plan CuteCat.

cloudmqtt create new instance

The instance is immediately provisioned after sign up and you can view the instance details, such as connection information, at the details page. You are sometimes forced to format a connection URL while connecting via client libraries, it should look like mqtt://user:password@server:port .

CloudMQTT control panel

Users and ACL

You can manage user access and ACL rules to your hosted MQTT instance through our HTTP API. Read more about ACL rules here.

Users and ACL

WebSocket IU

The WebSocket IU is a live view of data that has been sent to a topic. You can also publish a message from the WebSocket UI to a soecified topic.

Users and ACL

When you have signed up is it time to Get started with CloudMQTT with any of these guides:

Don't hesitate to contact us at if you got any questions!