Prepayment as a payment option is now available on CloudMQTT

Written by Elin Vinka

We are happy to announce that we now offer the possiblity to pay in advance thanks to our new prepayment solution. You simply add credits to your CloudMQTT acocunt and our system use the credits instead of charging your card. This makes it possible to pay for up to one year. And instead of 12 transactions to take into account, you will only see one.

It all started as a customer request and when we asked around it seems like a lot of teams preferred to pay annually. We can finally announce that the option is now available for CloudMQTT. If you'd like to avoid lots of small transactions, then prepayment is for you. A prepayment can be made for one to several months in advance*.

A concrete example of how prepayment works

To give you an example on how this works we will use the plan Loud Leopard for $99/month. In case you want to be charged only once per year you can simply select to prepay $99*12 = $1188, and we will add the same amount as credits to your account. Then for every month we will reduce the number of credits with 99 dollars until all credits are spent, at the end of the year.

A good thing to note is that the credits can be used for all plans that you have for your account. So let's say you add another Loud Leopard after the first 6 months, then the prepaid credits will cover both plans for another 3 months.

Available for everyone, upon request

This feature is something we offer to all our customers from this day on, but we will handle the initial request manually. Once it's enabled by someone in our team you can easily choose the perfect payment schedule via the payment menu.

In case you already have a subscription but wants to change to prepayment you can simply contact our customer service at to enable the feature. And as always, in case you have any questions regarding payments feel free to contact our support and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

*A prepayment is valid for 1 year, then it expires.