Pattern based ACL

Written by Lovisa Johansson

You now have the option to create topic and pattern based ACL rules from the control panel. ACL rules can be specified in order to allow or not allow a client to publish and/or subscribe to a specific topic. Like before, topic ACLs are applied to a given user, while pattern ACLs is applied to all users that match the given pattern.

When a client subscribes to a topic it can subscribe to a given topic name or it can subscribe to more topics at once by using wildcards. A wildcard can only be used when subscribing to topics and is not permitted when publishing a message. We allow single level and multi level wildcards. You can use # for multi level wildcard ACL and use + for single level wildcard acl.

Please note that creating and deleting users and ACLs are asynchronous tasks and may take up to a minute. Poll list APIs to see when the ACL is ready to use. API docs can be found here.