Enable CPU, Memory usage and Disk Space alarms

Written by Elin Vinka

To make sure your instances are running smoothly we’ve now added the ability to set alarms, based on CPU, Memory usage, and Disk space. You can now get alerted if your MQTT instance runs out of CPU, RAM or disk with our new alarms system. It allows you to get promptly notified via email or webhooks when resources are running low and the instance is at risk of not be able to handle more load, be it new connections or new messages.

The importance of using alarms for your instance

To further manage your instance, we’ve added the possibility to receive accurate alerts based on performance anomalies in your application. This feature gives you the opportunity to handle issues before it harms your instances performance. When the alarm is triggered, you will get a notification. The next notification sent will be once the alarm has settled. Due to the above statement, we strongly suggest that you enable the alarm function for your instances.

Three types of alarms

We now provide the possibility to activate three types of alarms. CPU Alarms, Memory alarms and Disk space alarms which all can be sent to an email address or as a push notification to webhooks to everyone specified in the notifications list.

  • CPU Alarms
  • When CPU alarm is enabled, you will receive a notification when you are using more than 80% of the available CPU for more than 15 minutes.

  • Memory Alarms
  • When Memory alarm is enabled, you will receive a notification when you are using more than 90% of the available memory for more than 15 minutes.

  • Disk Alarms
  • When Disk alarm is enabled, you will receive a notification when free disk space drops below a configured limit.

Note: You need to set up a notification before any of the alarms will work correctly, and you can easily enable these features through the Control Panel.

Future additions

We will keep adding new alarm types for CloudMQTT, so you can make sure that your cluster run as smooth as possible. If you have any suggestions of additions and/or improvements, don't hesitate to contact us. Feel free to send us any feedback you might have at contact@cloudmqtt.com

All the best!

Your friends at the CloudMQTT team!